Rick and Morty v2_1

Hello everyone, R&M patch v2_1 is here!

To start the events on this patch

-Talk to Summer

-Message Tricia on your phone

-Message Ma-sha on your phone

(There is an optional very short conversation with Rick you can have before you do the Summer quest but it’s nothing special.)

The patch is mainly focused on Summer and her very long route, but Ma-sha and Tricia also have pretty long routes. I honestly thought my hand would fall off at one point from drawing CG’s.

5 new animations , 45+ unique CG’s. 

Would have been a lot easier if Gazorpians didn’t have 6 arms but I suppose it can’t be helped.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the patch. Stay awesome!


R&M v2_1 (PC).zip 566 MB
Sep 09, 2019
R&M v2_1 (Mac).zip 578 MB
Sep 09, 2019

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you should post it on the web if u do reply to my comment and i will buy all of them for $100.00

i am unable to download to my mac, any suggestions?

I can’t play on Ipad with IPADOS 

help me 


is the full patch still in development? Or is it out and it costs money

do or will you offer a fully unlocked mode for a certain price? I would deffo swoop it. thanks

i am also unable to message ma-sha on my phone. i am planning to start a new game in case its a glitch but i hope it isn't an actual issue.

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i was unable to message ma sha on my phone , has the new patch (2.1) not been made public yet? (10/09/19)