Rick and Morty 2_9

Hey everyone!

Patch 2_9 has finally arrived!

Quick walkthrough:

-Drink the purple little potion in the garage.

-Talk to Beth during night time. ("Doctors orders")

-Talk to Jessica in school. ("Listen to Brad and Jessica argue")

This patch is focused on Beth‘s main story route and the ending of the potion route. There is also a main Jessica story route that kicksoff the story for future Jessica events.

The patch has 3 new animations, 95+ unique CGs, 2 newmodels.

I‘ve moved the project from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019, I had some deprecated code I had to fix but hopefully I haven‘t missed anything.

I had started a new feature for the game where you can change progress with certain characters for people who want to replay certain routes from specific points, but I‘m going to add that option next patch.

I also had to scrap a Beth route from this patch (Beth horse hospital event) But I want to rework the story and I‘ll very likely add it in one of the future patches too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the events, thank you all very much for your patience and support, stay awesome!


Rick and Morty 3_1 (MAC)
Nov 04, 2020
Rick and Morty 3_1 (Windows)
Nov 04, 2020

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what happened by Android?


fix download link pls

how do i download the game? i keep getting a 404 where the download is dead

Having issues getting it to run on ma


Hey mate
I wanted to report some of the bugs in the game for future patches. One I just experienced is that Rick is lacking the "nevermind" option, so when you run out of dialog with him, you're stuck talking to him and cant get out.
The Tricia storyline stops with the purple potion, as when you drink it, you start at the potion storyline after the Tricia one, so I can't make progress in the Tricia storyline at the moment.
Have also experienced that the game blacks out after bathroom scenes.
Other than that, great game, and I love it, and keep up the good work!

how did you download though, also did you download on pc or phone

hey ferdafs (hopefully you' ll read this, I absolutely love the game  but with the new patch I cant press on gwendolyn in mortys room after having used it and gone through with the storyline on gazorpazorp. I saw a gameplay of beth in the suit and i cant get to that point. I also cannot clink on the purple bottle of confidence juice in the garage anymore, i got to the point of milking and puking the other morty but cant go on after that. Is this happening to anyone else? anyone have any suggestions? pls help 

how did you download it?


 I think this build messed up a few things. I had to restart. But found some things not appearing for click. Also some click options not happening as easy as before. Currently can't work for money. Had trouble clicking on Summer to go through her phone. Took a lot of attempts for it to work.

Where do I find the save file? I want to delete it start from scratch to see if it fixes things for me.

Would be good to have vaginal with Tricia in a future update. Some loophole where you temp marry or something or accidentally marry her.

(1 edit) (+1)

POSITIVES: Great way to implement Reka and Jessica as well as Tricia into an entire scene together.

Story lines are great.

Graphics are absolutely fantastic.

Kinda wish some more scenes were added but can't complain with ones we got. The time put into this must be a lot.


SUGGESTIONS: Dialogue is a little weird and a little cringe, but I can understand it. For example the hot tub scene with Morty acting a little weird. 

Other characters should need some more love with scenes like Morticia, Gazorpians(or whatever they're called) and others.

Mindblowers should have all scenes be able to revisit

Morty shouldn't have had his foot fetish shown yet to the other girls in my opinion. Maybe after the hot tub scene because they would be more comfortable around him.

Sizes of things such as tits are different between some scenes.


ow do i play the events in order?

the game is safe to download from google drive right?

Download the game file and use Winrar to unzip the entire file.  Would recommend downloading it over playing it on itch

how do i play the events in order? do i need to play the older versions first and transfer my save file from one patch to the other? Cause I tried to play 2.9 and messenger app already had tricia and others unlocked.


plus if i accidentally trigger an event out of order some of the previous ones disappear

is this safe to download? cause i dont want any viruses

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