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Hello everyone! I'm finally done with the alpha version of Rick and Morty. Like I mentioned before, this will not be like my other games. I'll be working on this and release it bit by bit over time, since it's very likely going to be a huge game. 

TIP: Read your phones quest log if you're lost. Also one of the events is triggered at night in your home. That's all I'm gonna say.

Thank you all for your support, hope you like it!

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When i try to run the game, I get a fatal error saying "Failed to load mono." Is there something I did wrong or did it not update properly?

can i save my game progress in the browser?

full screen not working

I like this game :) Keep doing! :D

is there more content in the download version?

Can someone help me im stuck on quests (im playing browser version)

Beth Quest: (to be continued) talk to beth during night time 

whenever i do that my only option is Nevermind

Summer quest: (next patch) buy summer a dildo

i have no idea where should i do that

Jessica: (To be continued) talk to tricia about getting closer to jessica

my only option when talking to jessica is nevermind

Tricia: message Tricia on your phone

whenever i do that i will get her picture in shower and then it will reset the messages

Morticia: (to be continued) talk to morticia during midnight

my only option is nevermind

can someone help me i really like that game?

i have the same problem

To get more content i suggest downloading it but when it says to be continued it means the quest line is not finished being made

Lol I didn't have a quest "buy Summer a dildo". 

How does one switch to the latest patch in the browser version? I can't seem to get passed buying Tracia the sticker pack.

When is the next update out?

Does anyone know how to download the latest on android 

do i gotta buy the next patch on your patreon? or is it free since i already payed for the game?

how do you get back to morty's mind blowers after the mind control scene


if you are inside mortys house and choose to travel you can scroll down and there should be the mindblower 

The application “RickMorty_2_3bMac” can’t be opened.

Any way to fix this? or open it?

i have the same issue

use an different zip app to unzip your downloads. in my case I use "Betterzip". exactly same problem, finally solved! Tried hundreds of ways to figure out the problem.

Hey i need help. I am at the part where i have to talk to Tricia and buy the sticker pack. I can't go any further. Can someone help and can someone tell me when the next patch is

go on the newest patch 

and how

How do we do that?


im having the same problem 

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ok i have downloaded the game on windows and i can't play the game, do i have to download something to be able to play the game. plz reply to this if you know how to fix my problem i really wanna play the full version of this game

you need an unpacker for this get 7zip or winRAR


Ok so i been keeping my eye on this for about a year, and I have to say, this is your magnum opus.  I been following you from your League of Legends works on Newgrounds, but this....this is next level. I played many dating sims, romance visual novels and porn games in the past, but you blew them all out of the water update after update. 

This is the perfect thing the internet needs, rick and morty stuff like this is out right non existent, and to see a hero like you styling like this is truly a sight to be hold.  I can gush on and on about how this is the ultimate porn game, but i feel i have only so much space to type it all. 

Biggest praises, writing and characters. The writing is on par with the show, if the creators dont give you props then i will forever think less of them.    Morticia and Tricia would have to be the break out stars in this. Morticia and Morty has the best interactions, its so damn charming. And im really digging the triangle thats forming from Tricia, a background character that really came in to her own in this game. 

Keep up the good work, and take as much time as you need. 

Is there a version for a 64 bit windows system? I tried loading it, but it refuses to resolve once I launch the .exe file.

yeah it works for bit, try using the launcher if you're still having problems.


Okay let me start out by saying that yes. For a porn game this is the best thing I ever played. BUT, once I made it to the Morticia route it all changed. That one was really adorable and outright made me not give a shit about the porn aspect. Once I got into it I really wanted a romance story and not just cheap smut. The story that was crafted for them was super cute and was so well characterized that I now absolutely love Morticia as a character.

I looked to see if any fanfiction had been written for them (because where else would I find that?) and NOPE! There is no way for me to indulge is the adorableness that this game made me crave and that's hilariously sad. The best representation I've seen of this pairing and in fact the ONLY one is within a porn game I found on the internet. I will be donating strictly because I got hit by the feels from my apparent new OTP.

ok so when I tried to download it for iOS I went into my files and tried to preview it it said no files to preview and their was nothing she I couldn’t use it is there any steps I should follow or does it not work because their is an option to download on iOS........  I’m confused 

 i have done all the steps but when i try to open the game an icon pops up that tells me i cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.ll was not found what do i do to fix this ?

The application “RickMorty_2_3bMac” can’t be opened.

Any way to fix this? or open it?

@deemo how did you even get there? mine isnt letting me go that far

@GoldenQT you talk to Beth about the contest. And it leaves me in the mission that i said before and i don't know how to continue

think it continues next patch, gotta wait for it to be released 

What do i have to do after the "Wait for your mattress to arrive (To be continued)" mission with Beth? Please

Has anyone figured out how to move game saves over to another computer?

just copy and paste the files onto a usb

every time i download the game it tells me that unityplayer.dll can not be found, how do i resolve this issue

it wont let me go to the next pach where i buy summer a dildo

can u download this on a windows 10 laptop? If so, can some one let me know how, i'm new to this downloading stuff

Yes, just download the file. You'll need a file extractor if you don't have one. I would recommend using 7zip. It's free and will work with many different compression formats. Just extrat the contents of the R&M 2_3b.rar file that you download and once you have go the folder created during the extraction and double click the file RickAndMorty.  The game will then begin to load and you should be good from there.

alright, um ngl I tried to follow your steps but it did not work,I dowloaded it, extracted the file, double clicked and it wanted to extract again. I honestly have zero clue on how to download anything. So just try and explain it to someone like a two year old. :)

Idk if this helps, but on Windows, you can do what the other person said, you can use an extractor. Either before or after the file has been extracted(I don't exactly remember) it'll probably ask you where you want to extract the file to, choose an easy place to access(idk make a new, specific folder in the Downloads folder or something), then go to that folder after the download has finished and run the application. It'll most likely be in .exe format, which is what you're looking for.

Now, if that seems to complicated for you then you can use the Itch desktop app. It runs similarly to the ones for Steam or Epic Games and it should run most games you download through it, without the added hassle of having to extract any files. You can download it on and it's free.  It's essentially a launcher. Hope that helped.

When is the next update out?

is it possible to download it on a chromebook cuz i swear it used to be an option?

How do i download this on my Android phone

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you can't

please read and answer

hello everybody i am really interested in playing the game completely

I have a few questions:)

1-am i going to experience the full game in newest version?I mean is there anything more in earlier versions that i might lose?

2-i used to play the game on this web page and i was stuck in a quest that i had to contact tricia on messenger or it solved now in the new version?

3 and the last- am i going to lose anything while im playing?or i can see different quests with different choices?

thanks for your game and your answers 


After you download v2_3, open the file then right click on each file and extract to specific file and put in your already R&M file and then run the game through the file called RickAndMorty.exe 

thats the thing when i try to open the file it says what do you wan to open this with

but thank you anyway

You have to extract the files from the new update and load the game through the new update file called RickAndMorty.exe

Hope this helps.

That is how i have been playing it anyway.

new acc and how do you extract the files 

mieght just waight for the new virsion just annoying


what do i open the newest visionof the game with evey time i open the files it says "what do you want to open this with " and what ever i try it dosnt work

i would realy epriciate a awnser btw the 2_1 version workes but ive played it all so ...

:( :( :(

when i say newest vision i mean 2_3 

what do you open the newest vision with cause it say what do you what to open this with when i click on the files for the gAME and nothing seems to work

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(  :::(((((( :( :(

Is this going to be on android?

I do not know

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I can't start the game it says they can't load mono ?

I cant load my games either I have to start a new one every time I get o

or just this game for me ends at some point??

It's normal the game isn't fully realeased yet

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