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Windows users, please use 7zip to extract the game files.

Hello everyone! I'm finally done with the alpha version of Rick and Morty. Like I mentioned before, this will not be like my other games. I'll be working on this and release it bit by bit over time, since it's very likely going to be a huge game. 

TIP: Read your phones quest log if you're lost. Also one of the events is triggered at night in your home. That's all I'm gonna say.

Thank you all for your support, hope you like it!

If you want to donate or want to support me, please follow me on Patreon for early patch updates!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(628 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags18, Adult, a-way-back-home, Erotic, ferdafs, morty, NSFW, rick, rickandmorty
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What happened to the downloads? I can't get 3.6, only 1.3.0.


When is the next update coming?


Will there be an android release?

Several issues:

(1) Does "To be continued" mean "Not yet implemented"?

(2) After the first (or maybe second or third?) "Midnight" with Morticia, she no longer does anything but giving that response to "talk later..."

(3) The game does not seem to recognize when I buy Tricia the emoji pack and receive the picture. Trying to IM her again goes directly to "Buy Emoji" again.

(4) I never could get to another art class with Beth, and now the task is gone from the list.

(5) Minor point: There should be a version for Linux users. The download is too large and fails to finish, so I am not able to try it under Linux Wine or Mono. Maybe (a) split it in to multiple small archives, and/or (b) use 7-zip for higher compression/smaller file(s).

(3 edits) (+5)

Everyone reading this: consider playing the unofficial Ren'Py port ( instead of this version. It doesn't crash, streamlines the playthrough so you will always get all the scenes, and adds choices to skip scenes you're not interested in. Ferdafs has done a great job with this game, but the port helps fix the problems resulting from their desire to make a semi-sandbox title. On an unrelated note: how on earth has this game stayed up? I would have though it would have been bombarded with cease and desists. Not that I'm complaining! Maybe it's because Roiland and Harmon are secretly enjoying it...

Edit: The link was wrong, I've corrected it now


You linked the wrong game.


Thank you, edited!


is there a way how i can bypass the loop where i have to buy the emoji pack? Because it keeps getting stuck and i want to play the game



the game got stuck on the last confidence potion mission, after Summer and Morticia blow Morty and he says his arms are tired the game just stops and they just sit there with no dialog box or anything.  Am I supposed to do something? This is costing me hours of unsaved playtime


I've played this before on a browser and it's great, however I've also ran into the issue of the MAC download not working. Attention to this would be amazing! Super interested in playing more of this game. Great work!


Its hard to tell who is talking sometimes, maybe add names in the dialogue box?


doenst work on mac :/


Nice game.
Found some bugs(?) though
It's not possible to progress with Beth as the scene with her sleeping is unlocked very early on, completely blocking her masturbation scene.

'Family Night' on the Marticia track has to few flags. There should be one for Summer and Beth as well. Otherwise you'll just skip everything and go right so sex with those two.


on Mac it says the file is damaged


Is there a place to learn how to use this game?  I downloaded and installed the .exe file, and the issues file, but nothing happens if  i attempt a quest or conversation (btw, this was all done offline).

Sorry for my ignorance.


Won't load on web


I think the download links are broken, I am trying to download 3.6, but it's only letting me download 1.3


why isnt there any audio?


you got an issue with the message quest it doesn't complete the quest




Can I download this on Android


hey there. can someone tell me how to give item to other? i have bought the pen like the quest ask me to and it's inside the inventory, but somehow the story doesn't progress.


Very good game my friend, but there are some bugs that make the progression of the story impossible since when I send a message to tricia it gets stuck where I have to buy the emoji pack, despite that the art of the game is a masterpiece just like the story, it's a very good game 8.5/10 IGN and Rotten Tomatoes


is there anyway past the bug?


Same issue for m


I cant get past the point where tricia asks for the emoji pack

I buy it and she tells me that we'll talk later. At the same time the quest with jessica wants me to talk to tricia about getting closer to jessica which obviously doesnt work


same ever get fixed?


where is the download for linux ?


Texting Tricia is looping, when i buy her the emoji pack, she'll send the nude. But when i open the messenger again, it does that again, what do i do?

(1 edit) (+1)

got something similar

after I bought the pen for jessica, I dont have any money to get the emoji pack and can only choose "dont buy her" so Im not able to continue

edit: I got the money by working for rick but whenI buy the emoji pack she tells me that we'll talk later

at the same time I should speak to her about getting closer to jessica which doesnt work too


are you guys playing the free version here on itch


how do i buy the real version?


same ever fix it


Getting a lock up on the confidence potion - at the intervention point. Look forward to more content!


Right i dont know if i am stupid or what, i downloaded 3.6. There is no new tasks at all and the CHAD one still stays there and doesn't go away no matter how many times i do it


You have to click on the car, then click on the more space, then click on fourth dimension , and when I went home after being in the fourth dimension it got fixed for me.


is there a way to import save from v3.5 to v3.6?


Hey question do you plan on making it for android too or no?


android version is patreon only I'm afraid.

Deleted 50 days ago
Deleted 50 days ago

Is there anywhere else this can be downloaded from? its impossible on here

(1 edit)

"This game's files have been suspended by an administrator."

You are updating a suspended game.

I had to reset my pc. Is there any way where i can download a game point or do i have to play the whole game again ?

Give us our Rick and Morty game back!!! (pls ;)

Why was the game taken down???

what happened to the game why was it taken down

Linux download is broke


does version 3_4 have beth and rick fucking while morty is spying on them through the door keyhole?

does it have beth and jerry fucking while morty is spying through a portal hole?

does it have summer and jerry fucking while morty is spying through a closet hole?

does it have rick in a 3sum fucking both summer and beth while morty is hiding in a hamper in the corner spying through the lid?

if not, it should and until then, im gunna get on my knees and hope and pray to the game creator gods to make it happen!!!

(1 edit)

im back and excited for more updates ||D edit: can't download.....


do you have to downlaod it or can you just play it

you can  just play it.

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