Rick and Morty 3_6

Hey everyone! Took me a while to get this upload on here but I finally managed to talk to support and currently waiting for them to approve the upload. Should be any day now. Hopefully you'll all get to play the game again very soon!


RM_v3_6 PC RAR.rar 1 GB
Aug 14, 2022
RM v3_6 MAC.zip 1 GB
Aug 14, 2022
Rick and Morty setup.exe 1 GB
Aug 14, 2022

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Hi, I completed all of the quests several months ago, but now I've been unable to get the quest with Summer, Morticia, and Beth at the pool park. How do you get this quest?

Deleted post

what is with them suspending this game all the time? was hoping for more updates

3rd party download links, but that was because the game was so big itch had a file limit

i mean if your willing to pay i think its $7 you can get the game now plus other ones made by ferdaf

hello everyone i found a link to download the game https://fapfapgames.com/418/.if u dont believe me i understand that but it worked for me

Good lord that is one sketchy ass website

fr but i downloaded it and it worked perfectly for me but i understand if you dont want to try it i was also hesitant the first 5 times i saw the website

itch.io administrator unlock the files already would you?

fr it be taking so lon


hey i found a link to download the 3.6 one if u dont believe me its completely alright but i downloaded me and it worked for me the link is https://fapfapgames.com/418/

I kinda feel like today is the day.



is there any other download locations?

hey @Ferdafs do you know when the links will be avaliable as they still just remain as unclickable text


Not a clue sadly... I'm still waiting for support to respond.

All goods, thank you for your effort and open communicaiton with your communit

Her Ferdafs bro, what do i do about the quests not going away after they're completed. Im stuck with 3 of them now no matter how many times i do them they still show as to do. Please help

how did you manage to download the gam

i didn't im still on the previous version just asking for help with my issue

hi, it wont even let me click on the file, it just comes up as text alone, do you know how i can fix this or if it is even a problem on my end?

So, what's the deal though?

Does your game go against the terms of service somewhere?


No, they were worried because the links I had provided were on external websites. Personally, I think they could have contacted me first before suspending the game since I couldn't upload it on itch directly at the time. The file size was just too large for the platform. But now they've increased my upload size and I've managed to successfully shrink the game to 1.5gb. So it shouldn't be an issue anymore. Now we're just waiting for support to see my message and respond.

hey Ferdafs, is there any other site we can find the link or somthing? im trying to play the 3.6 version for sooo loongg

If itch doesn't respond in the next couple of days, I'll just put a download on blog at ferdafsgames.blogspot.com

Heres hoping.


Can't download the game- it says it is suspended.


This game's files have been suspended by an itch.io administrator.