Rick and Morty 3_0

Hey everyone patch 3.0 is finally here!

The patch has 4 events, to trigger them you have to

-Talk to Beth during night.

-Click on Gwendolyn once you buy her from the shop in space.

-Talk to Jessica in school.

-Drink the potion in Rick’s garage.

There are total of 6 new animations this patch, 110+ new CG’s, 4 new models, 2 updated models.

Since a lot of you asked for it, I have added the option to skip text in the mindblowers.

Just press ESC to skip through. (Quick warning, skipping sometimes breaks the animations and the game, so very likely because of it I will not be adding this feature to the game itself, only in mindblowers.)

You can also change the screen resolution/windowmode by pressing escape when you’re in inside the game.

Also a lot of bugfixes in this patch.

-fixed game freezing after bathroom scene

-fixed leaving conversation after talking to Rick

-Tricia’s progression on her 7thevent is fixed.

-You can now work for Rick without having to do Beth’s route.

-Rick now warns you when you have worked for him already for that day.

-Back button on Summer’s mindblowers

-Fixed quest log for certain missions

Thank you all for your support and patience, hope you enjoy the patch, stay awesome!


Rick and Morty 3_1 (MAC)
Nov 04, 2020
Rick and Morty 3_1 (Windows)
Nov 04, 2020

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3.0 version almost always game freezes when i finish a sex scene


is anyone else unable to download the game?

I cant progress in the Tricia Story after i talked to Rick and made him make me the purple potion. When i click on the potion after the event with Stacy it says something like "the potion is empty, maybe i used it up with tricia last time". Then he asks Rick to make a new badge and the event with Mortricia starts. :/ I would very much like to progress the Tricia Story. I started over with a new game multiple times and only played the Tricia part, but cant progress past the purple potion event. Can anyone help?

Downloaded 3.0 as the first version I've played, one major issue is the purple potion in the garage. It completely skips Tricias rape scene and instantly triggers the sleepover with Summers friends so that kinda sucks, would need to add an option when clicking the potion so it doesn't go immediately to the sleepover. Maybe I did something in the wrong order.

how did you download when i try to it doesn't show up

could have said that better it says that the file is not there  i thought it needed fixed 

just followed the links -> download now (just above this comment section for example) -> pay or go direct to download -> choose which version (PC/mac) -> download -> download anyway (google drive gave me a warning). 

When i tried downloading in incognito mode I got a message that the file had been downloaded too many times the first few days of release, now I don't have any problem.

you just have to do it not in incognito

thats so cool, cant wait for the next one

nice! excited about the new patch and bug fixes! (especially the bathroom fix lmao). super pumped for the next one, keep going! this game is amazing and you're amazing and i hope to one day play through the fully finished version yeahhHH!!!

so its not out yet?

No it's out, you can download and play it, it's just not finished yet.