Rick and Morty v2_3

Patch 2.3 is finally complete. Thank you all for your patience, I hope you enjoy!

This patch I've added 2 new core Jessica routes, which technically they're 3 but I'll split it up in the future since the area for the quest is still in progress. There are 2 new girls introduced this patch, but I'll very likely not progress their story for now, in order to focus more on the main plot, but if there is enough demand, I'll try to work on them from time to time.

1 core Morticia route. I was very excited to work on this one, I don't want to spoil anything, but I hope you like it.

1 Potion route. This route is kind of important to the main plot since it interacts with a lot of the other characters, but I haven't fully decided how important it'll be for now.


R&M 2_3b.rar 439 MB
Jan 01, 2020
RickMorty_2_3bMac.zip 805 MB
Jan 01, 2020

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Is anyone else unable to download it?


yo i downloaded it and i dont know how to start it up anyone know how?

If you haven't already download an archive program (7zip (totally free) or winrar (trial)) download one and if you are unsure how to watch a youtube video on it. Once you have that find the archive R&M v2.3b that you downloaded go into the archive and click and hold over all the files in it and move them to your desktop. Finally to run the game find the file that was among those files you moved to the desktop and double click on the one labeled RickAndMorty.exe it'll have a slutty girl icon so you should notice it easily. For most games you download when you see .exe that's usually what you click on to launch the game. If you want to look neater move the files into their own file on the desktop. Sorry if I'm telling you some things you already know. This process will probably be the same with any other games you download you degenerate hahaha no shame I downloaded this game too.


When is the new update going to be released?

v2.4, v2.4.5, v2.5, and v2.6 have all been released. I don't think she's active on itch.io anymore. Go to her Patreon to download the newer versions.


we need to pay in order to download it right i am confused AF

Thanks I was wondering

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Such a nice game, I really enjoyed it but the save don´t work could you please look what is going on?

And also when I talked with Jessica for Small talk I only can talk too her to restart this story.

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so.. when does the game will update bout news in season 4 which coming from TVshow.. like.. would clone Beth (in 4.10), will move in, in game, than maybe interractions with her and morty and real Beth(which not actually Real real inthe game)... 

ofcourse v. Android with Priority :) 

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My pc is downloading the file in the note pad, not sure what to do now, I do have the 2_2 game tho

did you do it

can someone tell me how to load this game on pc


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it downloads the game on your pc, so you have to go into your apps by pressing the window key(it took 5 seconds to think of this after downloading)

How can I play on Mac?

Ran into this problem last night but it's actually pretty easy to fix

1) Add the game to a collection online through your account.

2) download the itch app on your Mac and log in through the app

3) go to Collections and you should find it there. (It works like steam)

4) download the game and you should be good to go

oh okay thanks im try it out

Any solutions for Mac? 

Its still not working

I think in future should apperaded sounds. 

When the next patch comes out, will it automatically update or will I have to download the new version?

its auto

sory i cant have paypal or visa in my contry if u have another way i can pay just tell me and thx ur doing a greet job here


Excuse me and if I don't have a card or paypel could you tell me a way to pay and continue enjoying the game please


how do you add a patch? and still have saved game data and continue where I left off?

The new versions are only on Patreon, and sadly no you will have to start over.


Thank you for your work, it's great!

how do i  extract the files in order to play


use 7zip