Rick and Morty 2_7

Hey everyone! Patch v2_7 of R&M is finally here!

The patch as I had mentioned before is focused on side characters, mainly Morticia. Her event is the longest event I’ve ever worked on to date. It’s as long as 5-6 regular events. Have to admit it was hard but I’m really happy with how it turned out and I hope you’ll like it as well.

Originally I was working on 2 Unity evets, but since the Morticia event was so long, I left her engagement party for next patch. Good news is that the script for the party is ready so that’s awesome!

I saw that a bunch of you were disappointed about the lack of Beth or Summer, so next month I’ll work on one or both of them as well!

This patch has:

-6 animations

-16 new models

-98 Unique CGs (I can’t believe I actually got this many done.)

-6 updated models


Rick And Morty Setup (x86).exe 838 MB
Nov 04, 2020
Rick and Morty 3_1 (Windows)
Nov 04, 2020
Rick and Morty 3_1 (MAC)
Nov 04, 2020

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not installing, on website takes me to google drive, on app doesnt work, i'm on mac btw

the morticia part whre realy fun....hope we get some more in the future. it is a good design


i like it hopeful for the finish game


Do you have new version download

paid, but unable to download. says to many people have downloaded?

yeah i got that aswell

did you work out how to do it if so pls help out

Download the itch app. You can download it from there