Rick and Morty v1_4_0

Hello everyone!

I would just like to announce, that I'm stop development for the web version since the game has become over 200mb+ and it would be absurd to upload a game like that online. However if you guys wish, I could do the old Summoner's Quest approach and each patch just add the new content only for the web. Comment if you'd like me to do that. Hope you enjoy the patch, see you guys soon!

Patch 1.4.0d is finally out! Initially I was hoping to add an extra event with Morticia but I decided to leave it for next patch since it was taking too long. There are 4 new events in this patch.

2 Summer events, 2 pickle morty events, 1 event with Unity, 1 new bathroom scene with Morticia.

There is no real phone guide for these routes since they’re dynamic events, but since you’re here reading this boring developer note, I’ll tell you have to get them!

-If you have enough reputation with Tricia (after the second church blowjob) she will message you, so make sure you pay attention for that.

-Buy Summer the dildo from the devil’s shop. (You’ll have to work in Rick’s shop for a couple of days to make the money to buy it.)

-Talk to Rick about his offer. 

You’ll figure out the rest from there I hope!

Currently works in progress I have are:

-2 new Morticia events

-1 Tricia events

-3 Unity Events

-1 Beth event

-2 Summer events

Hope you enjoy the game.


R&Mv1_4_0d.zip 116 MB
Nov 04, 2018
v1_4_0.zip 133 MB
Nov 04, 2018

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So the game is kinda glitchy i cant make any more money Rick wont let me work and i still gotta buy both dildos is there like a cheat code to get money or something cuz my progress is pretty much froze, and i don't wanna start all over

How does one trigger the morticia midnight event???

And how about the unity event? The car doesn't work

Deleted post