Rick and Morty v1_3_0

Hello everyone! Another month, another patch. This month I’ve managed to create only 3-4 events since I was focusing more on adding new features, but they’re pretty long so hopefully you’ll like em. They were supposed to be originally more, but the final event turned out way~ too long, so I’ll finish it in the next patch. Here’s a sneak peek of who I’m talking about!

(Yes, space travel to meet girls will soon be a thing!)

It took me a while to separate the whole game into scenes but now it should be more mobile/web/gpu friendly! The loading between scenes is too fast and sometimes looks like it’s glitching but don’t worry, it’s not, just very fast… (I’ll see if I can add a fade between scenes or something in the future to avoid that.) 

I’ve also added a new messaging system which will be used a lot in the future to trigger events with girls, like dates, meetups etc. Of course you’ll have to approach the girls in order to get their usernames for the messenger app. You’ll see what I mean when you play it. Start saving your games! This will very likely be the last time I add the (Continue from last patch) button since the save feature is now working. So, don’t forget to save before you quit! (I’ll try to make the gallery feature by next patch as well but I can’t promise anything for now.) If you have any other requests or ideas, please feel free to share them with me, if I like them I’ll add them in future updates.

Hope you enjoy the update, see you all soon, stay awesome!


-New Tricia event.

-Two new Beth events.

-New Summer event.

-Updates Beth model.

-Core game logic/code changes

-Messaging system added

-Bug fixes

-Working save system

-Can’t interact with characters / work for Rick more than once a day.


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Sep 02, 2018
RickAndMorty.rar 68 MB
Sep 02, 2018
v_1_3_0.zip 104 MB
Sep 02, 2018

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