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i can only imagine how many people will be grasping their cocks jerking off at the same moment the day the new release comes out. what resolution screen will you be looking at while jerking off to cartoons? describe the scene, you know, describe your step-by-step jerk off procedure. how long do you jerk off for? what type of lube do you use to give yourself a handjob? jerking off is kinda gay if you think about it, cause you're a guy, grabbing a dick, and jerking it off

Mate I think you need therapy

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When are you going to update the browser version?

full screen dose not work


if i was a game creator i would inform all users of release dates. i would have a nice neat orderly written post stating release dates for each type of download. for example: 

- free download next release date: February 18th 2022

- patron download next release date: March 3rd 2022

if i wanted to get more specific i would add the version of the game that was being released on that date as well or i would just post the version on the download link the day it is released.

does ferdafs have a spot where the upcoming download dates are listed for each type of user that is downloading? 

i know at some point the a game creator would know when they are planning to let people download the game. seeing as how version 3_4 has been released for patron users on december 7th, the creator doesnt have to guess when they will be done with the next version, to figure out a predicted release date, cause its already done. so it would be courteous to inform the users ferdafs allows to download for free when they can download it next.

ferdafs could be courteous by letting everyone know right here in the comments when the next free download will be available

today is feb 19 and there is no new download

ive downloaded it from every win link and i can safely tell you all of them had trojans, do not download just buy pateron

wait, really?

yes 100% the patron is just 5$ and a PC is 1k

Could you help me on dc? Vrgn#0149

Hey I downloaded it and it downloaded tone.exe and I deleted it, is that all to the trogan??? Because now I'm scared to log off

That's a virus make sure you deleted it and you should be safe if you didn't wait like 10 minutes before deleting

what did it say the trojan was? a lot of times win defender takes my skyrim stuff or any cracked games down but it's ok xD; i hope there's no real threats with this game

Deleted post

Sure i can give you a step to step guide if you want message me for my discord

Deleted post

can you help me out too? my discord is Ichibei#4937

Nah bro jit bout to get trolled



Where tf is this next update bruh

The content creator is trying to train people to not want the game

Thats wack lmao

Deleted 1 year ago

The next version is already up on Patreon


Are you dumb?


A small tip: can you provide a button and hold it down to play the conversation quickly instead of clicking on the space or enter again and again. (Or if it already exists, please let me know, thanks: )

Haven't played it but try ctrl. Its usually the button for these kinds of games

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esc does this.


The Linux Download is gone, please fix it <3

Anonfiles mac download doesnt work, gives error 503 "no server is able to handle this request"

how do u fix the [:-1 slice


can anyone help me download the game on Windows when I try it says "bad gateway"



After attempting to do so I spent the rest of my day in a battle to stop a very malicious trojan from trying to take control of my computer. Which ultimately ended with me resetting my computer completely. I say again:


where do u download


The download is supposed to start *ON* Anonfiles, if you got redirected to another site with a pink download button, that's a fake one that's put on a LOT of downloads from websites that make 18+, hacks, cracked games, etc. I don't blame you for falling for it, I did once and I also had to reset my PC.

wait so is the file on anon safe?


Hey I downloaded it and it downloaded tone.exe and I deleted it, is that all to the trogan??? Because now I'm scared to log off


Where tf is a new update bruh. 


I downloaded it on Android but when I open the game it always start from zero and I can't load the game

I have been trying to download the game on mac for so long and it hasn't worked, even when trying all the techniques and following youtube videos. I don't know if its because of newer macs, or new software updates


theres a glitch where you cant progress through the "message Tricia". everytime you try it resets itself


whens the next update comin out


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can someone tell me how to fix this issue I'm having Ive downloaded it but when I click on it it says the application cannot be opened, im on Mac btw.

same here fam, anyone know how to fix? i've tried everything lol

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I really tried many times and in different ways to download the game but just doesnt work:( even from mega.

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is the browser option upto date or do i need to download for more play routes?


Needing another update ngl. 

Is this the end of the game? Replaying missions gets kinda crazy because they're all together at the same time instead of seperate

hey guys, saw a lot of comments saying that the game should be downloaded easily. and myself had the same issue while downloading the game so, I wanted to take action. here is a mega link that is for the v3.3f installer for Windows. sorry for other platforms, I just made this mega account just for this. so maybe in the future I'll add the other platforms. mega link


Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

anyone else stuck in a texting loop with tricia

me but i cant even download the game onto my mac so i know that i cant go any further than ive already gotten in game

me too, dont know what to do bout this

you have to download the most recent version of the game. once i did that it worked. also tricia has the best storyline imo. better than beth

can you tell me how to do this because when I try, it says finder won't allow it to be opened

when you go to download the game theres a word doc labeled installations FAQ among the different versions of the game. theres a couple of links at the top of that word doc. the last one where theres no hyper link will show you how to do it. just copy the link and paste it on the search bar

how to update the game so as not to lose data?

New update eta?


does the content creator have fantasies about having sex with his mom and sister?

it looks like the content creator uses morty to play the role of himself to have sex with his mom and his sister?

the content creator could have used birdman or mr meeseeks or the black school teacher guy or that small short yellow character that ended up in the emergency room cause beth couldnt think of any bad memories when they were all locked inside the house and tried to kill him or some other random character to make a rick and morty sex game that didnt have incest. it seems the content creator had a specific reason for choosing morty, possibly a personal real life reason... to be able to live his incest fantasies through morty?

should i create a non incest sex game with beth and all the other female rick an morty characters? 


Its not that deep. Pause. its just a game but do whateva u want idrc


By the amount you've been commenting on this I think you have your own problems 


it’s not incest, the summer, morticia and Beth in-game are from other universes and are as such, not related 


when I downloaded the file it said it could damage my laptop is this game safe to download

No it's not, not from anonfiles anyways. I downloaded it and got a really bad trojan.

Is the download link a virus or malware? My software says its damages the PC

Yes it is malware, don't download it from anonfiles.

I messaged tricia and even bought her what she wanted but the quest still says message tricia

can you  do a dawnload mega version ? i don't want virus or malware on my pc


lmao wtf even if its on mega there can still be malware 


next update ETA?

If you can't download and you from Russia, this is because, Roscomnadzor block exchange file service. Take onion, not cry and do that. ;)


good day masturbators. hello. it sure is difficult typing with one hand! hahaha! just kidding! im typing with all ten fingers. im deeply hoping the game creator will see this. im hoping some things can happen with the game. 

1: is it possible to add a auto update feature so the game either auto updates when there is an update available, or notifies the user to ask if they want to update to the current version? 

2: if auto update isnt possible, is it possible to add a "search for updates" option to the downloaded version of the game so to swiftly and easily find and get that current lovely version you put out without having to search the world wide internet for it?

3, and a very important number 3: for the love of god can you make scenes with beth with characters other than morty. like beth and jerry. beth and mr meeseeks. beth and rick. beth and annie. beth and some robot from futurama. get creative bro.

4: could you please make multiple scenes with ricks wife.

5: could you please make multiple scenes with annie.

6: nothing is stopping you from making beths body hot hot hot like you do with other characters. the best one you did of her body was with beth and morty on the couch. 

7: ill pay you for a game that can do the things i mentioned. it would be nice for a paid version to have a one time buying fee and unlimited free lifetime updates. 

8: i really need to get it through to you that your game really really needs beth scenes without morty even peeking into them. 

9: ill give you ten united states dollars if you can make the game like i asked here in this message. is that a good price? how can i pay you for it? when do you think it will be ready to buy and download? 

10: keep up the good work and keep changing things up in the game. each character having a new sex scene with a character they didnt have one with before. having all sex scenes available in the mindblowers section makes it even a better game

11: thanks bro. your game is there for us all when a real life girlfriend isnt. god bless you


first off do you know how hard it is to make a game?

second why are you obsessed with Beth, there are so many other characters.

lastly if your going to pay somebody to make a custom game its gonna cost a LOT more than $10 


You: "first off do you know how hard it is to make a game?" Me: no, but i did consider making my own.

You: "second why are you obsessed with Beth, there are so many other characters." Me: maybe its because she is the ideal partner, and having morty in the sex scenes ruins it and psychologically trains a person to think the idea to be with a person like beth is bad, which it isnt bad to be with a person like beth, so whats actaully bad is making a sex scene with morty and beth because of what it does to people psychologically.

You: "lastly if your going to pay somebody to make a custom game its gonna cost a LOT more than $10" me: ten united states dollars as a one time fee including free unlimited updates was with the logic that the ten united states dollars is linked to 100,000 people, which is approximately .001% of the world population.

 that the ten united states dollars is linked to 100,000 people, which is approximately .001% of the world population what you said doesn't make sense

what do you think it means


bruh, like beth and her father having sex is better than beth and her son


 think about it as you having sex with your mom or with your daughter. Which one would be more okay? Isnt that how royal bloodlines work? Why is the content creator obsessed with morty and beth scenes? Is it cause he has fantasies to bone his mother? 

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you know the updates are already free, it gives you the option to support the creator or download it for free. Rather then writing a whole ass essay in the comments try looking for more then a millisecond.

(Not here to start and argument, just putting my own feed back in things so probably wont respond to anything to this as I probably wont read it." It's closer to 70,00.. and if there is a free version with a decent amount going on there is a huge chance that MAYBE half would invest into it (Cause sadly small creators just don't get big investments to consistently make updates to a game -- especially if say only 35,000 of those people sent 10 each. Because more will be wanted, which means it will cost more which will surpass the original amount those supporters gave. Cause games take 1. a lot of time as a person who ahs dipped there fingers into coding and art.. I hated it and gave up on an almost finished game that was a VERY simple RPG.  because of how much time it took alone just drawing each arc, and character, and the movements. 2. With every game comes more demanding fans, so at some point people might want some animated scenes.. because well it's just nature if something is very nice as a stand still your brain can't help to wonder how much better it could be with a fluid movement. -- And that is even MORE time than just drawing, colouring, shading/highlights, and background.  And some people just don't have the mental compacity to do it, so they would have to hire another person to help with that, which takes more out of there pocket to give to employees to appease fans to only had a once in a lifetime payment.// Idk there is just a lot that goes in making a game especially if fans are very picky and demanding on what EXACTLY they want// 3. It sucks to make something and be told "there isn't enough of this character" or "I don't like that this character is in everything, it's gross.. take them out so I can enjoy it more" Like don't get me wrong i'd prefer Morty not fuck Beth or Summer (Idc about himself.. it's kinda hard to explain it's just advance maturbation or something) but i'm not going to say i'll pay a certain amount of a game to be developed to favor one character, and to have all the morty scenes with them be adjusted in the future to where he wasn't in it (especially since fans who might be into that, that are also paying 10 no longer get to have it) Idk.. that's just me and my ideals on it. 

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