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3.3 download isn't working for me and im on Windows. Help


Ok so I kept trying to download and was sonly getting a file that was 1.4mb instead of 4 gb. After the 4th attempt it finally is downloading the correct size. I don't know if it just happened to be fixed or if its an error with the downloading site.


downloaded, took a long time, then couldn't open anyway because it is "damaged" computer would only let me trash it.

How do you download the game on Linux?


please improve the way you save and upload a game, i am playing it a week ago i kept my game i wanted to check an action and when i wanted to return to the point where i saved my game by giving it to load it took me almost to the start of the game where i had done almost nothing.

how do i save

Is an android version a future possibity?

Android version exists but I'm afraid it's for patreon only.

Hi mate, don't want to sound like a dick incase it isn't your fault, but how come when you download the game from anonfiles it comes with a trojan that can spy on your screen and take control of your computer after installing a bunch of sketchy packages behind your back?

Hi,what's up?why the page can't show? 

which version is on the web embed?


Why tf is it so complicated to download and play this?

Is there a chance to get content with Planetina, with maybe Morticia also developing crush for her

there already is content with Planetina


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Version 3_2f (current version) freezes on Halloween library scene with Tricia.

i really enjoyed the MA-SA section of the game very fun!


You are lacking when it comes to updates. It takes a lot of skill for what you do, but you know how much consumers want more of what you create with perfection being a part of it. You know what you have to do in order to become as successful as you want with this. Working on it and giving the people the progression to perfection with adding content is the way to do with this game. Show the consumers what you can do. 


Damn yall downvoting my shit for no reason.  Im speaking fax. Also people who play on and don't download it, you guys are doing it wrong. I just want more content released, that's it. Imma be real with you my guy, this is the game that is gonna get you what you want. 


Mutiple problems for me on mac, 

1. AnonFiles has a download speed of 10 kb/s when i have a 15 mb/s download speed internet

2. when it finally downloads after days of waiting i unzip an then my computer displays the message "This application can't be opened" wondering if the zip is damaged but this happens even if i use unarchiver or betterzip

3. If i use unarchiver to unzip the file then  all i get is a folder of contents and not an application

4. if for some miracle it decides to start running, the application becomes unresponsive.

I know that my computer is not the problem as i download and play other hentai games no problem, its just Rick and Morty that has an issue

any help is greatly appreciated this game used to be my favourite and one of my first back in 2019

Use keka to unzip, built in solution corrupts files for some reason

is there a way to download on chromebook

i know it sounds dumb but do you mind adding a reference to fuck tape?

you know, the one from Phil Swift's metal breakdown parody.

i just think it would sound hilarious as a tv ad


For the dawgs who are playing this game, running it on this app is pointless. Download and extract it and it runs way better.

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hi, I can't run the game in my computer, it just close (mac)

it wont let me extract anything so I' m stuck not being able to open it someone help pleaseeeeee

Do you managed to do it?

i thought this was a action game

I've been playing this latest update for a few days now. The save feature seemed to work just fine. I misclicked on "Continue From Last Patch" and now I can't retrieve my save. I don't know if there's a solution or not, but it seems like the lack of a selectable save file is a major oversight.

I'll try not to misclick in the future, but I hope this issue can be fixed, great game.


Anyone knows why the game can't be downloaded (for me at least) from the Itch desktop app? It presents me with "runtime error: slice bounds out of range [-1]" and refuses to download. I'm able to use the links to download manually, so it's not a huge issue, but it's an inconvenience, to be honest. Thanks for any help!

I accidentally pressed the save button now i cant load my previous save so is there a load log that i can use to load back my progress?

Pls can someone reply i really don't want to start over again


Save only works if the game is downloaded,
that's all I know


JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST!!! it is impossible to run your game. I have been trying for three days and Im getting real sick of the 1_4 model on New grounds!!! how the fuck do I run this. I did everything it said, I installed 7zip i extracted the file, I put in the password, but whenever I run it, nothing happens!!! THIS IS SO HORRIBLE!!!

When will the next version be released?


it won't let me unzip :(

i finished the 3_0 version so if i download the 3_2 version does it still have my progress or is there some way to start at the end of 3.0?

"Continue from last patch" button in main menu.

Can you make an Android version please?


So I can only download v.1.3.0 and not the newest.. Can someone help me understand why, or how to update this game? - Mac users


There is a bug where when i buy Tricia the pack nothing happens and i ahve to keep trying again

is this supposed to have sound/music?

Deleted 116 days ago

There are silent clackity sounds when text appears, but that's it.


I can't download it

am i the only who gets stuck on a certain part and no matter what i do cant get pass it?

anyone on Mac able to install and play the game? I keep getting an error message about how I don’t have permission to open the application. I did everything in the faq to fix it but nothing worked 

yea i am

how did you install it?


Really hacker pop up the moment I try to download 



what do i do to get the update? like i already have the game installed and i have my progress so do i just download it again and will it still have my progress or is there something else im so post to do ?

there should be a log file where the file you run it with is. drag it into the same spot it was in before

what does that mean? im very confused and not really sure what that means.

can you please add walkthroughs...

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