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I think the download links are broken, I am trying to download 3.6, but it's only letting me download 1.3


why isnt there any audio?


you got an issue with the message quest it doesn't complete the quest




Can I download this on Android


hey there. can someone tell me how to give item to other? i have bought the pen like the quest ask me to and it's inside the inventory, but somehow the story doesn't progress.


Very good game my friend, but there are some bugs that make the progression of the story impossible since when I send a message to tricia it gets stuck where I have to buy the emoji pack, despite that the art of the game is a masterpiece just like the story, it's a very good game 8.5/10 IGN and Rotten Tomatoes


is there anyway past the bug?


Same issue for m


I cant get past the point where tricia asks for the emoji pack

I buy it and she tells me that we'll talk later. At the same time the quest with jessica wants me to talk to tricia about getting closer to jessica which obviously doesnt work


same ever get fixed?


where is the download for linux ?


Texting Tricia is looping, when i buy her the emoji pack, she'll send the nude. But when i open the messenger again, it does that again, what do i do?

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got something similar

after I bought the pen for jessica, I dont have any money to get the emoji pack and can only choose "dont buy her" so Im not able to continue

edit: I got the money by working for rick but whenI buy the emoji pack she tells me that we'll talk later

at the same time I should speak to her about getting closer to jessica which doesnt work too


are you guys playing the free version here on itch


how do i buy the real version?


same ever fix it


Getting a lock up on the confidence potion - at the intervention point. Look forward to more content!


Right i dont know if i am stupid or what, i downloaded 3.6. There is no new tasks at all and the CHAD one still stays there and doesn't go away no matter how many times i do it


You have to click on the car, then click on the more space, then click on fourth dimension , and when I went home after being in the fourth dimension it got fixed for me.


is there a way to import save from v3.5 to v3.6?


Hey question do you plan on making it for android too or no?


android version is patreon only I'm afraid.

Deleted 114 days ago
Deleted 114 days ago

Is there anywhere else this can be downloaded from? its impossible on here

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"This game's files have been suspended by an administrator."

You are updating a suspended game.

I had to reset my pc. Is there any way where i can download a game point or do i have to play the whole game again ?

Give us our Rick and Morty game back!!! (pls ;)

Why was the game taken down???

what happened to the game why was it taken down

Linux download is broke


does version 3_4 have beth and rick fucking while morty is spying on them through the door keyhole?

does it have beth and jerry fucking while morty is spying through a portal hole?

does it have summer and jerry fucking while morty is spying through a closet hole?

does it have rick in a 3sum fucking both summer and beth while morty is hiding in a hamper in the corner spying through the lid?

if not, it should and until then, im gunna get on my knees and hope and pray to the game creator gods to make it happen!!!

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im back and excited for more updates ||D edit: can't download.....


do you have to downlaod it or can you just play it

you can  just play it.

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i can only imagine how many people will be grasping their cocks jerking off at the same moment the day the new release comes out. what resolution screen will you be looking at while jerking off to cartoons? describe the scene, you know, describe your step-by-step jerk off procedure. how long do you jerk off for? what type of lube do you use to give yourself a handjob? jerking off is kinda gay if you think about it, cause you're a guy, grabbing a dick, and jerking it off

Mate I think you need therapy

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When are you going to update the browser version?

full screen dose not work


if i was a game creator i would inform all users of release dates. i would have a nice neat orderly written post stating release dates for each type of download. for example: 

- free download next release date: February 18th 2022

- patron download next release date: March 3rd 2022

if i wanted to get more specific i would add the version of the game that was being released on that date as well or i would just post the version on the download link the day it is released.

does ferdafs have a spot where the upcoming download dates are listed for each type of user that is downloading? 

i know at some point the a game creator would know when they are planning to let people download the game. seeing as how version 3_4 has been released for patron users on december 7th, the creator doesnt have to guess when they will be done with the next version, to figure out a predicted release date, cause its already done. so it would be courteous to inform the users ferdafs allows to download for free when they can download it next.

ferdafs could be courteous by letting everyone know right here in the comments when the next free download will be available

today is feb 19 and there is no new download

ive downloaded it from every win link and i can safely tell you all of them had trojans, do not download just buy pateron

wait, really?

yes 100% the patron is just 5$ and a PC is 1k

Could you help me on dc? Vrgn#0149

Hey I downloaded it and it downloaded tone.exe and I deleted it, is that all to the trogan??? Because now I'm scared to log off

That's a virus make sure you deleted it and you should be safe if you didn't wait like 10 minutes before deleting

what did it say the trojan was? a lot of times win defender takes my skyrim stuff or any cracked games down but it's ok xD; i hope there's no real threats with this game

Deleted post

Sure i can give you a step to step guide if you want message me for my discord

Deleted post

can you help me out too? my discord is Ichibei#4937

Nah bro jit bout to get trolled



Where tf is this next update bruh

The content creator is trying to train people to not want the game

Thats wack lmao

Deleted 1 year ago

The next version is already up on Patreon


Are you dumb?


A small tip: can you provide a button and hold it down to play the conversation quickly instead of clicking on the space or enter again and again. (Or if it already exists, please let me know, thanks: )

Haven't played it but try ctrl. Its usually the button for these kinds of games

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esc does this.


The Linux Download is gone, please fix it <3

Anonfiles mac download doesnt work, gives error 503 "no server is able to handle this request"

how do u fix the [:-1 slice


can anyone help me download the game on Windows when I try it says "bad gateway"

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