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How do I make money??


you go to rick in the grage


I have a question, whenever I finish messaging Tricia the quest isn't completed and I have to re-buy the emoji pack. Any way to fix?



I also seem to be stuck here

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Me too

Being on mobile, the full screen is magnified too much, and if you play on a desktop site, the 'Add To Collection' button prevents you from skipping, essentially trapping you in an endless night. If anything could be done about this, that'd be amazing.

how can I run this on iOS mobile phone? Please help


Definitely Cant Wait Until The (V2.4) Release Date, Anyone know when it will be released?

Announced on 1 Jan 2020


Here is the link to the newest version, this should fix all bugs you gents are facing.  Your Welcome.


would you happen to know why it doesn't launch on mac?

not working for mac on me either


Stuck on message Tricia Quest, Talk to Beth at night(Continued) and buy Summer a dildo. Can you help???


you need the latest version.  I posted above, the newest update (v2.3).  Your welcome.


cant click on summers diary


idk how to start the game plz help


The 2.1 version of the game will not download for me at all.  Any suggestions to help?


Game won't let me progress pass messaging tricia. Game bugs out can't get passed it. Plz help

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Help me game bugs out when you message tricia

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Game bugs out when you message tricia

why won't the game load

I can't get past buying the pen in the devil's shop. After I buy it, I go to the map and select outside but I guess it keeps thinking I'm trying to buy something else and will only say I can't afford that item. I've been stuck here for a while. Any suggestions?

When is the next update coming out?


What do i do with the folder?

how do i play it?

sorry if it is a stupid question


anyone else not able to get this to download/open on Mac? it says I  

The application “RickAndMortyV2_1” can’t be opened.

I also have this issue, any news?

open the file in "finder" click it to open the shortcut menu then select open from that menu and it should work

I have done that and still no luck. I'm also having issues getting past tricia texts on this website.

Did u solve the problem? Can't run it too

y will it not let me talk to tricia about getting closer to jessica 

I can't get passed anything. I'm at a part where I need to talk to Beth at night, Morticia at midnight, and a few things. It won't work when I try to click on them at the times. I can't talk to Tricia about getting close with Jessica. 

same here i am stuck as well


im stuck at the message tricia quest



wait did I have to download $5 to get the game or 10 I got the game but does $10 give you more benefits????


No (and you can just say that you don't want to pay anything)

i cant stop playing also drop a $5 donation.

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someone plz tell me how to update the game or download patches??

plz respond


Dude I'm having the same issue

how to download 2.1


I can't access the new 2.1 content 

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is there a chance you could put the version number on the title page, i know it small but it would help (i keep downloading version 1.3)

I can't open the game!!!


anyone have info about 2.2?


When does the next patch drop?

Hey man, how much are you planning to develop the storylines of Jessica and Morticia? They feel much shorter than the other storylines so far, or maybe I just haven't found the advancements yet haha

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Same over here, what was the last Cut scene you had with morticia

Deleted 3 years ago

My was the one were after Morty and her touch each other, am I missing sum to get there?

Sometimes you need to finish other quests first


i buy for tricia the gift on phone but nothing hapend and no one talk to me anymore what the hell should i do help..


Hey I’m having the same problem and cannot figure it out. I bought it several times but nothing seems to work.


Same she a Gold digger


My dick hurts because i came 12 today and im taking a big fat morty in the toilet rn because or chipotle burritos 


thank you.


I think tricia is hot and should be in the next rick and morty season 4 and become friends instead of getting killed like a regular popular person in a tv show like the guy on ep 1 where morty is threatened by a swith blade weilding maniac who summer has a crush on.

Deleted 1 year ago

No just when u click


Somehow i ended up on a screen with memories and i could look back on the sexual moments with everyone how do i get back to this

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its at the bottom of the travle list in the house scrol dow

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U scroll down when your in the living room. Press map and u can actually scroll down if u hold and slide up it shows morty mind blowers room for allmost every sexual scene except bathroom and optional moments... U whale cum

2.1 - game crashes when I try to talk to Summer and/or when I try to talk to Beth about last night.

whats the update rate for this

I literally created an account to reply to this comment but... If you look around elsewhere you can find 2.0 of this game. Hope this helps!



i keep on getting stuck when i have to talk to tricia on the phone, everything else says "to be continued" and everytime a talk to her it resets, what do i do?


I am also stuck on this

u wait for the next update and continue from last patch.

when will the next update come up

Hey, I got stuck in the Halloween Party. It triggered automatically (without me completing anything *poof* i'm there) I ran through the Jessica and Summer Dialogs, but no one else is clickable and I'm stuck in place... and I haven't saved... ever. Help :)

When I say stuck in place, I can still move my cursor and around the room, but no one/thing seems clickable (not Tricia or Goldenfold) and I have no method of pulling up a map or phone or anything else until I can trigger their events. Thoughts?

Close windows and restsart

Save next time retard

This is the funniest shit ever. Thank you gay hoe for making me cry laughing.

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